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| Shippuden |Takashi Reimoto reference :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 1 0 | Shippuden | Yui Fennikusukaen reference :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 1 0 Naruto OC Adopt[Open] :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 1 4 Isamu Shirayuki :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 2 18 Kei Izumo :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 3 0 Shizuka Izumo Genin reference WIP :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 1 0 Akaru-sa childhood reference :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 1 0 A beautiful love :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 0 0 Kaori Kasshoku The Last reference colored :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 0 0 Kaori Kasshoku The Last reference WIP :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 3 0 Akaru-sa childhood reference WIP :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 0 0
Akemi Suiikryu quick profile
--Basic info --
Name: Suiikiryū,Akemi
Kanji: 明 美  水域竜
Nickname(s): Ake
Titles: Lady of the water dragon, Lady's water dragon 貴婦 の 水 竜 ,Kifujin no suirō
Gender: Female
Age: 13-14[Preshippuden],16-18[Shippuden],20-21[The Last],33[Epilogue]
Birth: December 21st
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Personality: Idealistic,Generous,Promises more than deliver,Great sense of humor,Impatient
Hobbies: Traveling
Affiliation: Sunagakure
Powers/Abilities: Water
Chakra Element: Water
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Rank: Jōnin
Paired with: Shino Abarame
--Appearance --
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Amethyst purple
Skin color: Fair
Unusual features: None
Makeup/Facepaint: Black eyeliner,soft purple eyeshadow
Hairstyle(s): Loose
Accessories: None
Scent: Loose
Scars or Tattoos: None
Jewelry and/or Piercings: None
Other: Ice dragon on her back
-"Ake" meaning "bri
:icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 0 0
Kazuki Kasshoku :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 0 0 Kazuko Kasshoku :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 0 0 Isamu Izumo :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 1 0 Pokemon OC Adaptable[open] :icontenshi-chise:Tenshi-Chise 2 0


Fuu :iconmarcinha20:Marcinha20 50 5 [request] Shizuka Izuno :iconlukusta:Lukusta 19 7
Requests are open and still for free :)
I just wanted to mention some rules for free requests:
    1)      Send me a note with your wish (with references or description).
             I will reply if I will do it or not.
    2)      Maximum two characters on one pic
    3)      Simple or none background
    4)      No NSFW art / no nudity
    5)      Waiting time will be approx. 2 - 5 weeks (depends on workload)
    6)      One request per one user.
             You can ask for more, but I will decide whether I will do it or not.
:iconcharoon:Charoon 3 20
Chibi request :icongrimmjowrockstar:GrimmjowRockstar 8 6 Gift for Tenshi-Chise: Kireina Izumo :iconandreafairylove:AndreaFairyLove 6 4 Request: Kaori :icondeadvampire32:deadvampire32 10 2 [Request] Rekka :iconiramin:iramin 7 2 [Request] Akane :iconbadtzmanu:BadtzManu 5 4 [Request] Akura-sa (Naruto OC) :iconmiikakamiya:MiiKaKamiya 6 5 [Naruto Commission] : Kaori :iconichigo0507:ichigo0507 4 5
Mature content
Kinky Coquettish Kat :iconbluishfeather:BluishFeather 117 35
Tenshi-chise request oc :iconblueskys33:Blueskys33 8 2
Request box [Always open]
Welcome to my request box, thanks for stopping by! Emoji32
This request box will always be open, so feel free to leave your OC(s) here!
To make a request, just leave a comment on this journal with your OC(s)! (Please do not request via note)
You don't have to be a watcher, but watchers are preferred :>
Some things:
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] I will only draw chibi human/kemonomimi or Pokemon characters right now (but that might change in the future~)
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] I won't draw Sonic, MLP, or furry characters
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] I won't draw nudity, gore, fetish, or hate art
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] I prefer not to draw revealing/mature designs
This is not a guarantee your character will be drawn. I'll only draw the ones I feel like so please please don't get angry if I don't draw yours!
:iconreymey:reymey 22 117
Kei Izumo .Naruto OC. (Full color half body) :iconnightmarishaddiction:NightmarishAddiction 3 23 Req: Tenshi-Chise :iconsnivystorm15:Snivystorm15 4 8 Akaru-sa *request* :iconaria-no-blaze:Aria-no-blaze 7 13



| Shippuden |Takashi Reimoto reference
I got a male OC.Takashi is one of Akaru-sa's teammates,which I'm drawing,by the way."Rei" is used as in "Spirit".So he has a unique chakra style.He isn't one of my side OC's(Or rpc),but he is my official OC.I'll be drawing him more.Hope you like.

Takashi Reimoto,art (c) gaarafanlovers

Naruto (c) MK
| Shippuden | Yui Fennikusukaen reference
Hiii!Sorry I didn't upload anything here.Busy.Anyway,here's a "new" OC,Yui.I say that because she was really my old OC.The old version of "Reina".Well,she's revamped,so I don't have to worry about anything else.I did this a long time ago,so that's why it's kinda low.Yui is Akaru-sa's cousin,and she's paired with Miyuki,which I need to upload the reference.Yuri couple.Ah,love :heart: :heart: :heart:.I actually more gay ships than straight ships,xD.Hope you like.

Yui Fennikusukaen,art (c) Tenshi-Chise

Naruto (c) MK
Naruto OC Adopt[Open]
Please do not steal.If you do,you'll be asked to take it down nicely.Thank you.

Another Naruto OC.I worked hard on her.Especially her hair.It was sorta of hard.But it was fun at the same time.She has lavender hair if you can't tell.Okay.Rules.

-Do not steal or copy.
-If you purchase,please do not resubmit this.I don't like my art being resubmitted by someone else.
-You </i>can change the hairstyle a bit,and the outfit design a bit.
-You cannot change the skin color,eye color,and haircolor.
-Doesn't have to be for Naruto.
-If you resell,either do it lower than my price or just give it back to me.
-Let me know before you send the points.
-Genderbending is allowed.
-If you purchase,I'll give you the unwatermarked version.And the digital palette.
-Send the points in the donation bar.
-Points only.

Price: 50 :points:

Designs,art © Tenshi-Chise

Music of the day: Kuusou Mesorogii
Isamu Shirayuki
Isamu Shirayuki.Akaru-sa's childhood protector.Isn't he handsome?Sadly,his eyes are hidden.He's in the Shirayuki clan.Born in the Hidden Snow village.Hope you like.

Isamu Shirayuki,Art © gaarafanlovers,Tenshi-Chise

Naruto © MK


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi.This is just an alternate account.

You can also find me here::icongaarafanlovers:
Which voice fits Shizuka?(dub)

A)Albedo from "Overlord"

B)Haruka from "Senran Kagura"

C)Anri Sonohara from "Durarara!!"

D) Mizore Shirayuki from "Rosario + Vampire"


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